Access new special characters in Mavericks

Though some apps already feature a button to access special characters in OS X, there is now a dedicated shortcut to access them anywhere. New additions to an already wide range of emojis also include, amongst others, mathematical and system characters.

Just hit ⌘ + ⌥ + T at once anywhere where you can input text.

Emoticons are now being send via the unicode standard which should make for a better interoperability between all those various chat platforms out there (I am looking at you, Facebook!).

This hidden feature came in pretty handy already when I just typed this post.


Hugo has informed us that entering emoticons and other symbols via the above mentioned method currently doesn’t work in Spotlight in the Developer Previews 1 and 2.

Thanks, Hugo!


The shortcut is not working anymore in the Developer Preview 2. However, there’s an option to show Keyboard and Character Viewers in the menu bar.

To permanently enable them, go System Preferences -> Keyboard -> under the “Keyboard” tab, find and check “Show Keyboard and Character Viewers in menu bar”.

With this option enabled, you still can’t use the shortcut anymore, but at least you’ll have access to the characters menu from the menu bar.

This also enables you to quickly show the virtual on screen keyboard in OS X.


Few, the updates keep on coming, aren’t they?

Apple changed the shortcut in the Developer Preview 2. It’s still there! Just hit ⌘ + Control + Space.