Messages now supports option for sending your own font styling

Apple is tinkering with the Messages app ever so slightly in Mavericks.

The app now shows a progress bar during file transfers and supports a host of new notification features that are specific to OS X Mavericks.

One question many Messages users had asked until recently was why the app didn’t support sending messages in your own choice of fonts. This lack has been addressed by Apple in Mavericks.

Should you be copying a text from another document with a specific style, Messages will now keep those styling choices and send them along your message to your contacts.

You can also start to receive messages in the sender’s choice of font from now on. This requires that you have the font installed on your Mac that your contact is using, though.

To do so, go to the Preferences in Messages (hit ⌘ + ,), switch to the Viewing tab and set “Sender’s font” to Automatic.

Et voillà, messages will now look the way your contacts meant them to.

P.S.: If you don’t like your friend’s hideous font choices, you can override them simply by switching from “Automatic” to a font of your choice in the aforementioned “Sender’s font” options.