How to quickly update Shared Links in Safari in OS X Mavericks new

In Safari 7.0, Apple added the ability to quickly see what your friends on Twitter and LinkedIn are sharing with the so-called Shared Links feature. Unfortunately, that list doesn’t auto-update and there is no button to press to do this manually.

The only way to update the Shared Links list is to go the menu bar -> View -> and press Update Shared Links.

There must be a better way, right?

Here’s what I’m doing: I created a new shortcut for precisely this task in Safari.

To do that, go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> find the Shortcuts tab -> select App Shortcuts in the list on the left side -> add a new one by clicking on the small + button -> in the Application drop down menu, select Safari -> enter “Update Shared Links” as the exact menu title and choose whatever key combination you want. I chose ⌘ + Shift + R since ⌘ + Shift already refreshes a webpage in Safari.