How to fix scrolling issues after upgrading to Mavericks

Some of our readers here and on Twitter have been asking me if I had heard about scrolling issues, especially regarding Google’s Chrome browser, after upgrading from an earlier version of OS X to Mavericks.

While I have not experienced any scrolling problems myself, I can offer you two “cheap” solutions right away:

Try to fully uninstall the affected application. I always use the fantastic AppCleaner by FreeMacSoft for this task. It’s reliable, gets rid of any files belonging to certain apps and best of all: it’s free. Then, try to reinstall the app and see if the scrolling issues are gone.

If that’s too much of hassle for you, or if there’s a likeliness that the affected app will get updated to be fully compatible with OS X Mavericks soon, there’s another short solution: activate scroll bars to always be visible in apps. This may not look great, but it sure does the trick.

You can activate this option in System Settings -> General -> and under “Show scroll bars” choose “Always”.